The European Board of Neonatology and NOTE programme

Providing educational opportunities and furthering knowledge lies at the heart of the ESPR's mission and vision. This comprises pre-congress courses, workshops, summer and winter schools, as well as mentoring programmes.

The ESPR has two educational branches: the European Board of Neonatology (EBN) and the NOTE programme.

European Board of Neonatology (EBN)

The EBN offers hands-on courses to underpin key areas of practice within the European Curriculum and Syllabus for Training in Neonatology. These courses are organised by leading experts in their respective fields in three-year teaching cycles. Each cycle consists of six modules. For more information on the EBN, please visit

The NOTE Programme:

The NOTE programme is a joint venture by the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR) and the University of Southampton.

The faculty have been delivering high quality postgraduate neonatal education to doctors and advanced neonatal nurse practitioners since 2001 and currently deliver an international Masters-level (M) educational programme in neonatal medicine as well as continuing professional development without academic credits.

For more information on NOTE, please click here.