Pediatric Research Journal | May 19th, 2020


COVID-19 remains a rapidly evolving and thus fluid disease. In the absence of timely, valid, and pertinent information, many clinicians worldwide are inadequately informed and insufficiently prepared to help manage this new disease. The Editors in Chief of Pediatric Research are soliciting papers addressing the mechanisms of disease in COVID-19. In particular, PR is seeking data driven submissions of original research including basic translational research, trials and outcomes studies, narrative reviews, and eventually, systematic reviews and meta-analyses related to COVID-19.

These COVID-19 related papers will be immediately made available as free access content and widely disseminated via the PR Journal website and PubMed and all publication charges will be waived.

Submissions can be made through ScholarOne at and please note that submission does not guarantee peer review or eventual acceptance. Please indicate in your cover letter that you are submitting in response to the call for COVID-19 papers.
  • PR is automatically sending the World Health Organization (WHO) all published research, on a rolling basis, that is directly relevant to the outbreak.
  • PR urges all authors of relevant research to share preprints of their submitted papers on a recognized preprint server and to release all data, code and protocols associated with their research to a recognized community repository. Such deposition should please not affect the consideration or publication process of submitted manuscripts.
      • If you have not already deposited a preprint and are seeking a suggestion for a preprint server, PRs affiliates at Research Square offer the Research Square preprint platform.
  • If you need help depositing and curating your research data (including raw and processed data, text, video, audio and images) you should consider:
  • For protocols, PR encourages authors to share their step-by-step experimental protocols on a protocol sharing platform of their choice.
  • All Springer Nature content related to COVID-19 is automatically made free on PR webpages. Here's a nested-by-topic repository of articles published on this topic (landing page represents the tags PR uses to identify and share all their published articles, automatically, on this topic):
  • PR has created a central resource for content, initiatives, and announcements (scroll down on the page for content):