Science & Research | March 7th, 2022

Call for experts in paediatric clinical trials

Conect4children (c4c) invites you to apply for membership of a Clinical Expert Group/ or membership of an Innovative Methodology Expert Group in your area of expertise in paediatric drug research.

c4c is an EU funded pan-European consortium with the aim of facilitating the development and availability of new medicines for babies, children and young people through the creation of a large collaborative paediatric network. One task of the consortium is to deliver expert advice, known as Strategic Feasibility Advice, to improve child health and paediatric medicine development. Groups of Experts (methodological, clinical, and parents/patients) were set-up in 2019 to provide advice services to individual requests from c4c industry and academic beneficiaries.

Currently c4c is now expanding its network of Experts and is seeking Experts interested to be part of Clinical Expert Groups AND Methodology Expert Groups to provide advice. Depending on the nature of the incoming advice request, experts from the relevant Expert Group will be selected to form an Ad-Hoc Strategic Feasibility Advice group to provide the advice.

For more info, requirements and how to apply, please download the following open call documents:

>>Download Call for membership of a Clinical Expert Group

>>Download Call for membership of an Innovative Methodology Expert Group 

Deadline for applications is 28.03.2022

Notification of acceptance 30.04.2022