Section-related | October 15th, 2018

ESPR Circulation Section publishes comprehensive state-of-the art Neonatologist Performed Echocardiography (NPE) overview

Congratulations to Dr. Willem-Pieter de Boode, chair of the ESPR Circulation, Oxygen Transport and Haematology Section and its NPE Special Interest Group on the publication of the neonatal echocardiography papers in Pediatric Research.

The review articles in the supplement formulate state-of-the-art guidelines and were prepared under the auspices of the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR) and the European Board for Neonatology (EBN).

In specific, the articles regard the use of echocardiography for the assessment of cardiovascular compromise and guidance of individualized hemodynamic management in newborn infants.

All articles are open-access and freely available here.