Section-related | September 28th, 2021

Launch of the ESPR Special Interest Group on Neonatal Pain

We have very exciting news to share: the launch of the ESPR Special Interest Group (SIG) on Neonatal Pain as part of the ESPR Pharmacology Section which is chaired by Dr Sinno Simons.

Pain and analgesia in neonates are crucial topics that still require more attention. In order to further improve the attention for this topic, develop stronger networking opportunities and collaborations, the SIG on Neonatal Pain has been formed.

The overall mission of the SIG on Neonatal Pain is to improve pain treatment for newborn infants by connecting scientists, nurses, physicians and other interested people within the ESPR (European Society for Paediatric Research).

Primary goals of the SIG on Neontal Pain are:

  • Pain research
  • Collaboration
  • Education
  • Networking 

With your input, effort and collaboration, the SIG on Neonatal Pain can...

  • put PAIN in newborns on the agenda of the ESPR, its meetings, courses etc.
  • write important (consensus, statement, educational) papers to be published in the Pediatric Research journal and discuss potential research agendas.

Do you work in the field of PAIN research in neonates and seek to become an active member of our society? Then you are cordially invited to join the SIG on Neonatal Pain!

If you would like to join, please contact the ESPR Office ( We are looking forward to you becoming a part of the ESPR Special Interest Group on Neonatal Pain!