Section-related | May 15th, 2019

European Consortium for Neonatal Pulmonary Research

A Call for Collaboration from the ESPR Pulmonology Section

Within the European Society of Pediatric Research (ESPR) several pediatric subspecialties are represented in so-called ESPR sections. The pulmonary section of the ESPR aims to promote international collaboration in research, teaching and evidence-based guidelines or recommendations in the field of neonatal pulmonology. To enable collaboration in research between the different European countries, the pulmonary section aims to setup a research consortium across Europe

Why do we need a neonatal pulmonary research consortium?
To date, research is mainly conducted on a local or national level. International collaboration is limited to a few large multicenter trials. The aim of the consortium is to advance neonatal care by conducting more international studies in European countries. By combining the research efforts in the different European countries, the success rate of studies will be greatly improved. Resources, including personnel, financial support, and patient numbers can be used more efficiently. Applying for funding will be more successful due to the size of the consortium, the high success rate, and the increased generalizability of the results.

What kind of research projects could be part of the consortium?
Collaboration could be achieved in a broad range of neonatal pulmonary research:

  1. International surveys or cross-sectional studies on neonatal pulmonary practices
  2. International cohort studies on pulmonary outcomes (benchmarking)
  3. International multicenter randomized controlled trials on pulmonary interventions

Initially the focus could be on surveys or cohort studies. Once successful, collaboration could be extended to multicenter randomized controlled trials. Ideas for research projects can be initiated by any member of the pulmonary section.

What is needed to get the consortium started?
To allow all European countries to participate in this consortium, a network of national investigators is needed. In each country, a national investigator interested in neonatal pulmonary research takes the lead. This national investigator is in close contact with the other neonatal intensive care units in his/her country and is able and willing to approach and stimulate these centers for collaboration. The national investigator will coordinate all research activities within his/her country.

Call to join
If you are interested in becoming a national investigator for the neonatal pulmonary consortium, please contact: We will be happy to forward your contact details to ESPR Pulmonology Section Secretary Prof. Anton van Kaam.