Science & Research | January 4th, 2022

Questionnaire to optimise placenta pathology studies

Are you a obstetrician, midwive, pathologist, paediatrician, or researchers with a special interest in placental pathology? Then you are cordially invited to take part in this questionnaire for a Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) for placenta pathology to define the most important currently unanswered research questions. 

By identifying the top research priorities for placental pathology this multidisciplinary priority setting exercise aims to accelerate placental research and the clinical implications. 

In the first round, participants will be asked to name the three most important unanswered research questions in placental pathology. The steering group together with a clinical librarian will search for existing evidence in the literature. 

In the second round, the participants will be asked to select the most important research questions from a longlist of questions raised by participants in the first round. After that a shortlist is generated which will be discussed in an (online) meeting with the participants, to come to a final 'top-10'-list of research questions.

Please circulate the survey QR code below (or this link: to all colleagues you think would like to collaborate and would make an important contribution to this project.

Kind regards,

Yee Khong, Sanne Gordijn,

on behalf of Neil Sebire, Alex Heazell, Mauritia Marijnen, Frank Bloomfield, Elisabeth Kooi and Wessel Ganzevoort