Events & Meetings | May 4th, 2021

Webinar 'Small Babies, Big Horizons' on 28-29 June 2021

Respiratory Management of Preterm Neonates: from a Global to a Local Perspective

The aim of the upcoming webinar 'SMALL BABIES, BIG HORIZONS' is to investigate Respiratory Management of preterm neonates from a global to a local perspective, comparing changes to international and national nRDS (newborn Respiratory Distress Syndrome) guidelines. In particular, we will look at the challenges we face in respiratory support in the delivery room and examine the different ways NICUs implement neonatal training.

RDS is a common breathing disorder that affects newborns, occurring most often in babies born preterm. Moreover, we will have the opportunity to deliberate on the harmonisation of delivery room stabilisation as well as the modes of ventilatory support.

The webinar will conclude by comparing different approaches of surfactant administration and with a discussion on the role of research to achieve better clinical practice. Join us for interactive discussions, collaborative exchange and innovative learning with leading, senior experts from around the world!

When: 28-29 June 2021, 13h00 - 16h00 CEST
Registration fee:
EUR 50

Please note: As this is a small, highly interactive webinar, spaces are limited. Kindly contact the ESPR secretariat via to check availabilities.