Science & Research | November 16th, 2022

Survey on the creation of a NPE training programme

Share your opinion by the 30th November

The ESPR NPE Project Group (Neonatologist Performed Echocardiography) asks for your valuable input by fillling in the survey on the creation of a NPE training programme.

In this project, The NPE Project Group intends to create and implement an overarching governance structure for training in and accreditation of NPE in Europe. This will be created in close collaboration with global experts with due considerations of all previous recommendations and training efforts in and outside Europe.

Currently, the NPE project group is collecting input for the NPE training programme that is being created. The aim is to create a training programme that fits the wishes, requirements and clinical practice of current experts and potential trainees. All results will be implemented in the training programme. Voluntary participation for everyone interested in NPE.

Share your opinion and have an impact on education. Simply fill in the survey here.
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Thank you for your input!