Education | April 22nd, 2024

ESN Lecture 'Cardiopulmonary Transition at Birth' by Prof. Arjan te Pas is now online

We invite you to join us for our complimentary 16-part lecture series 'Perspectives on Effective Neonatology' by the European School of Neonatology, offering a comprehensive overview of all key topics within the realm of Neonatology. The series combines accessible recorded presentations for your convenience, along with live, moderated expert sessions held on a monthly basis.

Participation in each lecture contributes 0.2 ECTS points towards the ESN Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Neonatology.

Our second ESN lecture in April 2024 delves into the crucial topic of Cardiopulmonary Transition at Birth, presented by the renowned Prof. Arjan te Pas.

To get free access to this insightful session, please register via the ESN Tutorial Platform.

Prof Sven Wellmann
ESN Chairperson