The 'Technologies and AI' Special Interest Group

Welcome to the 'Technologies and AI' Special Interest Group of the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR)

Neonatal and Paediatric care rely heavily on healthcare technologies to deliver routine and critical care with many technologies part of the normal care pathway. However, many technologies may not have been fully studied in the neonatal and paediatric populations prior to widespread use. This creates a dilemma for us as healthcare professionals but also an opportunity to study established and emerging technologies. The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical medicine has lagged behind in neonatal and paediatric research. This SIG sets out to connect researchers, healthcare professionals, parents, industry and other key stakeholders to study medical technologies that will ultimately enhance the care and outcomes for babies and children.

  • Our objectives

    The Technologies & AI SIG aims to:

    • Support a network of ESPR members, researchers, key stakeholders and industry work collaboratively to co-develop and study new medical technologies in these populations;
    • Create a research ecosystem that nurtures early career researchers and established ones to provide a platform to discuss, develop and disseminate technology and AI research;
    • Facilitate engagement with other specialist areas and SIGs, developing ideas, growing collaborations and sharing learning;
    • Co-develop ideas with parents, children and young people to ensure they are central to the technologies research we deliver.
  • Meet the SIG Chairs & members

    Michael Wagner
    MD, PhD
    Technologies & AI SIG (Co-) Chair
    Medical University of Vienna

    Don Sharkey
    MD, PhD
    Technologies & AI SIG (Co-) Chair
    University of Nottingham
    United Kingdom




  • Upcoming projects & meetings of the SIG
    • Annual face to face business meeting and social event at JENS and EAPS conferences;
    • Planning and brainstorming meetings with ECRs and other stakeholders;
    • Partnering with industry to support co-development.
  • Publications

    more info coming soon..

  • How to engage with us

    Please contact the ESPR Secretariat via We will be more than happy to forward your request to the members of the Technologies & AI SIG.

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