The European School of Neonatology (ESN)

Improving professional neonatal care in Europe and beyond

About the ESN

The European School of Neonatology (ESN) represents the educational arm of the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR).

As a not-for-profit organisation, it offers:

  • A clinically-integrated Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Neonatology;
  • An academic Master of Science (MSc) in Neonatology, in collaboration with the University of Southampton;
  • Dedicated Special Courses & Training; 
  • The free lecture series 'Perspectives on Effective Neonatology'.
  • Tune in to the latest NeoCast Edition on the ESN

    The latest edition of the NeoCast Podcast has just been released. Explore the fascinating world of Neonatology at the European School of Neonatology (ESN), under the guidance of Prof. Sven Wellmann, who serves as the ESN Chairperson. Tune in for expert insights into ESN's groundbreaking work!

    >>Click here to listen to the latest ESN NeoCast Edition and tune in for expert insights into the ESN.

Our Mission

The European School of Neonatology (ESN) equips medical professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, competences, and attitudes required to practise high-quality neonatal medicine tailored to their local clinical setting. Taking into account principles of evidence-based medicine, ESN programming joins theory and practice so that medical professionals can effectively practise Neonatology at all levels of care.

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