About the European Society for Paediatric Research

Developing and applying research to improve newborn and child health

The European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR) has been at the forefront of Paediatric medical care and innovation since 1958.
As one of the oldest and most prolific Paediatric research societies in Europe, the ESPR co-organises annual conferences, supports investigators with research grants, runs a mentoring programme and disseminates cutting-edge findings through its journal Pediatric Research, amongst others. It currently has nine sections representing different Paediatric sub-specialties.
Together with the European Board of Neonatology (EBN), the ESPR's educational branch, the society organises hands-on pre-congress courses, workshops, as well as summer and winter schools. These underpin key areas of practice within the European Curriculum and Syllabus for Training in Neonatology. In addition, through the Neonatal Online Training and Education Programme (NOTE), a joint venture with the University of Southampton, the ESPR offers online postgraduate neonatal education to doctors and advanced neonatal nurse practitioners.
Based on its heritage and proudly looking back at a long list of achievements, the ESPR continues to promote scientific excellence and collaboration between different Paediatric specialities. This the ESPR does from 'bench to bedside' – meaning it fosters research to improve patient treatment and advance clinical practice.
Our mission: Developing and applying research to improve newborn and child health.

Our mission is to develop and apply research to improve newborn and child health. In this way, the ESPR seeks to provide the foundation for a healthy population in Europe and beyond. This we can only achieve in close collaboration with and through our members, comprising young professionals, expert clinicians and leading Paediatric and Neonatal specialists.

Join us today and help bring about ever faster, positive change for patients and their families.

As an ESPR member, you can:

  • access a global network of peers and experts;
  • join one of the eight ESPR sections dedicated to Paediatric sub-specialties;
  • apply for an ESPR research grant or travel stipends;
  • engage in the ESPR mentoring programme;
  • participate in our annual congresses at reduced rates;
  • become a regular speaker at ESPR events or meetings;
  • help us conceptualise ESPR-sponsored courses and contribute as a lecturer;
  • be the first to know about our European Board of Neonatology (EBN) and NOTE teaching courses;
  • subscribe to our journal Pediatric Research in hard-copy or digital and have your research published;
  • receive regular ESPR newsletter updates;
  • gain access to the ESPR members' room with members-only information;
  • promote your own initiatives and receive support to realise these.

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