Why you should join the ESPR

Europe's most prolific paediatric research society

As an ESPR member, you can:

  • access a global network of peers and experts;
  • join one of the eight ESPR sections dedicated to Paediatric sub-specialties;
  • apply for an ESPR research grant or the forthcoming travel stipends;
  • take part in our mentoring scheme, both as a mentor and a mentee;
  • participate in our annual congresses at reduced rates;
  • become a regular speaker at ESPR events or meetings;
  • help us conceptualise ESPR-sponsored courses and contribute as a lecturer;
  • be the first to know about our European Board of Neonatology (EBN) and NOTE teaching courses;
  • subscribe to our journal Pediatric Research in hard-copy or digital and have your research published;
  • receive regular ESPR newsletter updates;
  • gain access to the ESPR members’ room with members-only information;
  • promote your own initiatives and receive support to realise these.


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