The ESPR Pulmonology Section

Welcome to the Pulmonology Section of the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR)

The Pulmonology Section is an interest group within the ESPR focusing on lung physiology, development and disease, and respiratory and circulatory therapies in neonates and children. The section scope extends to innovation, clinical care practices, education, and research. We welcome all healthcare professionals with an interest in pulmonology to attend our meetings and contribute to initiatives of the section. Sharing ideas, collaboration and knowledge transfer are key values of our section!

  • Our objectives

    The overarching objective of the pulmonology section is to advance pulmonary care of neonates and children with the aim of improving their long-term outcome. The following key activities are undertaken to achieve this goal:

    - Sharing current clinical practices in pulmonary care
    - Knowledge transfer by organizing pre-conference workshops and pulmonary sessions during the ESPR conferences
    - Education by organizing educational symposia and contributing to the NOTE initiative
    - Publishing state of the art papers on pulmonary topics
    - Conducting collaborative research within the European Research Consortium (ERC) of the pulmonology section, a platform of researchers and national representatives aimed  at designing, sharing and diffusing collaborative projects across Europe and beyond.

  • Meet the Section Council


    Theodore Dassios
    Consultant Neonatologist, PhD, FRCPCH
    Section Chair since 2023
    University of Patras, Greece
    King's College London, UK


    Olivier Danhaive
    Division chief, Neonatology, MD
    Section council member since 2020
    Saint-Luc University Hospital,
    Catholic University of Louvain,
    Brussels, BE

    Emma Williams
    Clinical research fellow in neonatology, MBBS
    Junior council member since 2022
    King's College London, UK

    Anna Lavizzari
    Neonatologist, MD, MSc
    Section council member since 2016
    Fondazione IRCCS Cà Granda
    Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milan, IT

    Richard Sindelar MD PhD
    Adjunct Professor of Neonatology
    Senior Consult in Neonatology
    Section council member since 2020
    University Children´s Hostpital
    Uppsala University, SE
  • Current research projects

    - State of the art papers published in Pediatric Research (almost completed)
    - Pre-conference workshop and sessions during JENS 2023 in Rome
    - Survey on lung ultrasound use in neonatology within the European Research consortium

  • Upcoming meetings of the section

    No upcoming meetings are planned atm. More info coming soon!

  • Publications

    - Modes and strategies for providing conventional mechanical ventilation in neonates. Anton H. van Kaam, Danièla De Luca, Roland Hentschel, Jeroen Hutten, Richard Sindelar, Ulrich Thome & Luc J. I. Zimmermann. Pediatric Research volume 90, pages 957–962 (2021)

    - High-frequency ventilation in preterm infants and neonates. Benjamin W. Ackermann, Daniel Klotz, Roland Hentschel, Ulrich H. Thome & Anton H. van Kaam. Pediatric Research (2022)

    - Established severe BPD: is there a way out? Change of ventilatory paradigms. Richard Sindelar, Edward G. Shepherd, Johan Ågren, Howard B. Panitch, Steven H. Abman, Leif D. Nelin & Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Collaborative. Pediatric Research volume 90, pages 1139–1146 (2021)

    - Stimulating and maintaining spontaneous breathing during transition of preterm infants. Janneke Dekker, Anton H. van Kaam, Charles C. Roehr, Andreas W. Flemmer, Elizabeth E. Foglia, Stuart B. Hooper & Arjan B. te Pas. Pediatric Research volume 90, pages 722–730 (2021)

    - Surfactant replacement therapy: from biological basis to current clinical practice. Roland Hentschel, Kajsa Bohlin, Anton van Kaam, Hans Fuchs & Olivier Danhaive. Pediatric Research volume 88, pages 176–183 (2020)

    - Early diagnosis and targeted approaches to pulmonary vascular disease in bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Catheline Hocq, Laetitia Vanhoutte, Axelle Guilloteau, Anna Claudia Massolo, Bénédicte Van Grambezen, Kate Carkeek, Fiammetta Piersigilli, Olivier Danhaive & from the European Society for Pediatric Research. Pediatric Research volume 91, pages 804–815 (2022)

    - Point-of-care lung ultrasound in neonatology: classification into descriptive and functional applications. Francesco Raimondi, Nadya Yousef, Fiorella Migliaro, Letizia Capasso & Daniele De Luca. Pediatric Research volume 90, pages 524–531 (2021)

  • How to engage with us

    Please contact the ESPR Secretariat via We will be more than happy to forward your request to the members of the Pulmonology Section.

  • Useful links and announcements


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