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  • Postdoctoral Position – Neonatal Neuroprotection Group, Skåne University Hospital/Lund University, Lund, Sweden

    A preclinical postdoctoral research position is available in the Neonatal Neuroprotection Group at Skåne University Hospital and Lund University, Lund, Sweden. The overall objective of the Neonatal Neuroprotection group is to identify and evaluate novel neuroprotective interventions to improve development and health in extremely vulnerable clinical populations.

    From a clinical perspective, the research focuses on three main groups of infants:

    • Infants born extremely preterm,
    • Infants who develop severe cerebral intraventricular hemorrhage, and
    • Infants with severe congenital heart defects requiring surgery assisted by cardiopulmonary bypass
    The current preclinical project aims to investigate and characterize a new potential treatment of intraventricular hemorrhage. The objective is to establish an understanding of clinically relevant relationships and disease mechanisms for the development of brain damage following intraventricular hemorrhage. Furthermore, the endogenous levels, as well as the scavenging capacity, of the potential treatment will be characterized.
    As a preclinical postdoctoral researcher, the candidate will work in a scientifically stimulating and evolving environment together with the principal investigator, research assistant, biomedical laboratory scientist, research engineer, PhD-student and clinical researchers. The candidate will get the opportunity to work with and explore innovative approaches and methods to generate high quality data. As a postdoctoral researcher, your main work tasks will be to coordinate, plan, organize and conduct independent preclinical research. Furthermore, exploring and establishing new methodology, as well as analyzing, documenting and summarizing collected data will be main responsibilities. The candidate will be comprehensively supported by the research team, and will receive mentoring in research work, scientific- and grant writing. The candidate is expected to communicate with the research community by submitting scientific manuscripts, conference abstracts and present at meetings and congresses.
    Preference will be given to individuals with a PhD in experimental medical research related to neuroscience, and/or pediatrics, and/or the newborn or related disciplines. Expertise and hand-on experience of cell- and molecular biology (such as RNA extraction, qPCR analysis etc.), protein analysis (such as western blot, ELISA, immunoanalysis, antibody detection techniques etc.), immunohistochemistry and related analysis techniques, cell culture and related methodology. Experience of in vivo animal experimentation, including dosing (s.c., i.p. etc.), sampling and tissuehandling is preferred. The candidate must have excellent organizational, interpersonal as well as verbal and written English communication skills.
    Scope of Employment
    Duration of the position: 1 year
    Extent of position: Full-time
    Position available from: January 2022
    The applications will be evaluated continuously.
    Please submit your application, and related documents to
    Please contact Associate Professor Magnus Gram if you have any questions (