The ESPR Brain, Development and Imaging Section

Welcome to the Brain, Development and Imaging Section of the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR)

Section Aim
The aim of the section is to promote research in the fields of brain development, both normal and abnormal. The study of early brain injury, and the prediction and detection of abnormal developmental trajectories, and the assessment of long term neurodevelopmental outcome. The section also has a strong focus on the study of neuroprotective therapies and strategies to improve outcome for all newborns. This is achieved facilitating the active exchange of ideas, hypotheses and new research findings; building collaborations and supporting the dissemination of pre-clinical research and the development of multicentre clinical trials within the ESPR and throughout Europe. In 2019 it was decided to expand the section to include imaging in recognition of the important role played by imaging research in the study of brain injury and brain development.

Section Council
The section council consists of a section secretary, 7 section council members and 2 young council members. The role of the section council members is to support the section secretary in developing and promoting issues relevant to brain and development. The position of young council member is designed to encourage young investigators to take a more active role in the ESPR. In addition to the section council, membership of the Brain & Development section is open for any professional with an interest in the study of the newborn brain, brain development, brain imaging and outcome who is an active, emeritus, affiliate or associate member of the ESPR.

Section Council Members
  • Deirdre Murray, 2nd term, Section Secretary, October 2022 – October 2025
  • Bobbi Fleiss, Council Member
  • Kasper Kyng, Council Member
  • Jeroen Dudink, Council Member
  • Ana Alarcon Allen, Council Member
  • Ivo Bendix, Council Member
  • Juliane Schneider, Council Member
  • Giancarlo Natalucci, Council Member
  • Olga Romantsik, Young Council Member
  • Ted Andelius, Young Council Member

Ongoing & Future Projects
At jENS meeting 2019, it was voted by all present members to change the name of the section into 'Brain, development, and imaging'. The ultrasound training course run by Paul Govaert, Sandra Horsch and colleagues will therefore be part of the section activity in the future. A special issue on brain ultrasound entitled 'State-of-the-art neonatal cerebral ultrasound: technique and reporting' was recently published in Pediatric Research.

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