Welcome letter

From the ESPR President Charles Christoph Roehr

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR).

Over the past 60 years, the passionate work of countless Paediatric professionals has made the ESPR what it is today: the most prolific Paediatric research society in Europe. I am deeply humbled by this deep-routed heritage and I am determined to continue the progression of the ESPR to maintain the ESPR at the forefront of Neonatal and Paediatric medical care and innovation.

The ESPR's mission is to develop and apply research to improve newborn and child health. In this way, the society seeks to provide the foundation for a healthy population in Europe and beyond. We continue to strive towards this ambitious goal by promoting collaboration between different, specialised fields of Paediatrics — from bench to bedside. To our members and beyond, our most notable achievements include the realisation of a large-scale research grant programme, a mentoring scheme, annual conferences across Europe, hands-on training courses as well as regular publications in our renowned journal called Pediatric Research. We believe in building on the many achievements of the past, whilst simultaneously we prepare for the challenges of the future. This is how we work.

The ESPR seeks to cover the entire Paediatric spectrum in an open-minded, transdisciplinary manner: from basic science to clinical applications. Reflecting this principle, our membership base comprises young investigators, seasoned experts as well as paediatric veterans from around the world. Only through their ideas, initiatives and hard work have we been we able to make real impact, and will continue to do so. Ultimately, this is how we improve the lives of our patients and their families. Every one of you is cordially invited to bring your ideas, your enthusiasm and your passion for Paediatrics forward in our society!

Thus, I invite you to become a part of our international network of peers, make use of the ESPR's educational opportunities, share your knowledge through our hands-on courses, engage with the sections, publish your findings in Pediatric Research, benefit from the grant programmes and contribute to our international conferences. Please be assured that if there is anything on your mind you would like to share, an initiative you would like to implement or a topic you would like to promote, the ESPR will be there to listen and assist.

I look forward to collaborating with you towards improving child health in Europe and beyond.


Charles Christoph Roehr
ESPR President