Neonatal Online Training and Education Programme (NOTE)

A joint venture by the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR) and the University of Southampton.

NOTE is the only remote-learning, academically-accredited postgraduate neonatal education platform for doctors, advanced neonatal nurse practitioners and professions allied to medicine (PAMs) in Europe. The faculty have been delivering high quality postgraduate neonatal education to doctors and advanced neonatal nurse practitioners since 2001.

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  • Background

    The NOTE Faculty are pleased to offer a new international online Masters (M) level educational programme in neonatal medicine. As part of a collaboration between the European Society for Neonatology (ESN) and the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton successful participants have the option of receiving academic credit at Masters (M) level. The aim of the programme is to provide high quality postgraduate neonatal education within a unique global Neonatal Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

  • Master-Level Academically Accredited Option

    Master-Level Academically Accredited Option
    Participants who opt for this route will be eligible for academic accreditation, at Masters level, by the University of Southampton. If sufficient modules are successfully completed it will be possible to progress to a full MSc degree. The clinical neonatal modules have been commissioned and developed by NOTE and the research/governance modules have been developed by the University of Southampton.

    Modules currently available include:

    • Clinical Neonatal: Neonatal Respiration, Neonatal Nutrition, Neonatal Neurology, Neonatal Haemodynamics, Neonatal Clinical Pharmacology
    • Research/Governance: Research Methods and Evidence Based Practice (RMEBP)
    • An Open Based Module (which can be applied to and generated from clinical practice).

    It is anticipated that additional modules in both categories will be developed over the next two years.

    Possible exit awards are:

    • Postgraduate Certificate – successful completion of 3 modules
    • Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) – successful completion of 6 modules
    • Full MSc degree – in addition to successful completion of the PGD, a dissertation module must be successfully completed.

    Currently students who are undertaking these modules include doctors training in neonatology, Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (ANNPs) and neonatologists from the UK, Europe and around the world.

    Typical entry requirements include:

    • A first degree (2:2 class or above) or equivalent in a relevant subject from an approved institution of higher education.
    • A current professional registration with a relevant professional/statutory body.
    • A current job contract in a clinical or clinically related area.
    • At least two years neonatal clinical experience.
    • At least one satisfactory professional or academic reference.
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPD) Option

    Continuing Professional Education (CPD)
    The second option is for experienced clinicians who wish to participate in the neonatal postgraduate clinical modules as part of CPD. This route involves studying the same online clinical neonatal modules alongside the students taking the academically-accredited route. On successful completion of each module a certificate will be awarded by the ESN and the NOTE Faculty but no formal academic credit will be awarded. The content, route of delivery and the assessment criteria are the same as those described for the Masters programme.

    Eligibility for the CPD route includes:

    • A current professional registration with a relevant professional/statutory body.
    • A current job contract in a clinical or clinically related area.
    • At least two years neonatal clinical experience.
  • The Programme

    The Programme
    Experience of online learning is not essential as there will be an induction module for all participants. Irrespective of the route of access, each module will be delivered in English over a period of approximately 12 weeks. The total study time for each module is 250 hours of which up to 50 hours will be online contact; the remaining 200 hours is self directed study. Each module has predefined learning outcomes and a range of multimedia will be used to enhance the teaching and learning. Participants will work in small learning groups with supervision and support from 2 online tutors. Synchronous and asynchronous online communication will promote collaborative discussion and debate of authentic clinical cases. Summative assessment is integrated throughout each module and will take the form of MCQ questions, evaluation of online participation and a written assignment.

  • New NOTE Online Module in Neonatal Nutrition: Starting September 27th, 2021



    For further details of fees charged and how to apply, please contact Susan Smith ( from the NOTE Secretariat.

  • Applications

    If you're interested in applying for either the MSc Neonatology or the CPD option then please contact the Programme Manager Susan Smith via We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • The NOTE team

    Dr Mike Hall
    NOTE Clinical Director

    Susan Smith
    MSc Neonatology Programme Lead
    NOTE Manager

  • Call for Tutors: Submit your documents today and become part of our team!

    The NOTE programme invites expressions of interest to join its team of tutors.

    As one of our online tutors you will ideally have:

    • a degree in medicine, nursing or a profession allied to medicine
    • a professional qualification in neonatology
    • extensive experience of working with neonatal patients receiving intensive care
    • a portfolio demonstrating evidence of:
      - an interest in, and experience of, neonatal education of healthcare professionals
      - experience in delivering education relating to medical topics
      - knowledge of theoretical aspects of adult education
      - experience of group teaching/facilitation
      - evidence of good written and oral communication skills
      - leadership skills
      - effective time management skills
    • completed some or all of the online MSc Neonatology modules
    • an insight into how students learn online and the specific support they need to develop their academic knowledge and their key transferable skills
    • a commitment to developing supportive and proactive online learning communities
    • an organised and systematic approach to work
    • a flexible approach to working
    • attention to detail and a commitment to reflecting on how the NOTE Faculty can continue to improve the quality of the learning experience for students
    • the ability to work successfully in a team and independently

    All teaching is in English and your proficiency in the English language should be of a sufficient standard to meet the requirements of the tutor role.

    As a NOTE tutor, you have the opportunity to join a wonderful team and work with neonatal trainees from all over the world to make a real difference in the field of neonatal education.

    On average, the expected time commitment is approximately 4 hours per week. Details of remuneration will be discussed upon application to the programme.

    For further details and to submit your documents (i.e. a letter of motivation & CV), please contact Susan Smith ( from the NOTE Secretariat.

    We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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