Science & Research | December 2nd, 2022

Analysis of Antibiotic Exposure and Early-Onset Neonatal Sepsis in Europe, North America & Australia

We are excited to announce the results of the AENEAS study, which have just been published in JAMA Network Open: the findings show that in a cohort of >750'000 late-preterm and term newborns from 11 countries, antibiotic exposure during the first postnatal week is disproportionate compared to the burden of early-onset sepsis. Wide variations (up to 9-fold) internationally suggest that antibiotic exposure can be lowered safely to ≤ 1% of livebirths.

The newly elected chair of the ESPR Infection, Inflammation, Immunology and Immunization (I4) Section, Dr Eric Giannoni, as well as several members of the I4 section participated in the study.

The paper can be accessed here. Please share these findings within your network to raise awareness about antibiotic overtreatment and contribute to improve antibiotic prescription practices.