Events & Meetings | November 30th, 2023

COINN 2024 | May 6th-8th | Aalborg, Denmark - Registraton open & call for abstracts

11th Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference


The 2024 COINN conference organising committee is delighted to welcome delegates, presenters, and exhibitors, all who care for the small and sick newborn, to join them in Aalberg, Denmark for COINN 2024 held in collaboration with the Danish Neonatal Nurses Organisation. It brings together attendees five years after the last COINN conference in New Zealand to once again celebrate neonatal nursing, this time with a post-pandemic theme of supporting closeness and building relations.

The COINN 2024 conference convenes experts in neonatal care worldwide, fostering a platform for mutual learning and experience-sharing. Acknowledging that a baby is born prematurely every two seconds, the event aims to spotlight the pivotal role of neonatal nurses in nurturing these infants to health and well-being. Abstract submissions are welcomed across various session topics including Global Health, Partnerships, Palliative care, Ethical or clinical challenges, Innovations in care, and Climate Change.

Participants are invited to engage in enriching conversations, explore challenging perspectives, and contribute to the dissemination of cutting-edge insights within the realm of neonatal nursing.

For more information on COINN 2024, please click here.