Member-related | November 22nd, 2022

Call for members of the ESPR Research Funding Working Group

The European Board of Neonatal & Child Health Research (EBNCHR) - formerly the European Board of Neonatology (EBN) - is the political arm of the ESPR. It is looking for motivated society members and external experts to join its newly founded Research Funding Working Group.

With the objective to provide leadership in the context of child health research policy, the group seeks to achieve the following goals within a 5-year timeframe:

    • To identify objectives and the resources needed / chances of success;
    • To determine a single, key goal for policy change or funding opportunity;
    • To lobby for a policy change or funding opportunity (1 – 5 years).

The group will engage in key advocacy activities, such as:

    • Legislative analyses and monitoring;
    • Intelligence gathering & strategic recommendations;
    • Preparation of position papers and amendments;
    • Networking and coalition building;
    • Advocacy and lobbying.

In addition, as a member of the Research Funding Working Group, you may be asked to answer to European Commission consultations and attend meetings in Brussels with policy-makers.

Are you interested in getting involved and shaping the future of child health research policy?
Then contact the ESPR office via 
We look forward to hearing from you!