Science & Research | May 16th, 2023

Delphi Procedure on BPD definitions

Estimated time for completion: 10-15 min

On behalf of the ESPR Pulmonology Section Chair, Anton van Kaam, we are inviting you to contribute to a Delphi process on the definition of BPD given your research activities or your clinical experience with infants developing or diagnosed with BPD.

Currently, clinicians and researchers are using different BPD definitions to report the BPD rate. The disparity between these definitions makes comparison of the BPD incidence between different neonatal intensive care units, data collection in large databases, and interpretation of study results difficult, if not impossible. Ideally, we should use one uniform definition for BPD. As a first step to a uniform BPD definition, we need to establish what clinicians and experts deem important when defining the diagnostic criteria for BPD. This includes, for example, the predictive performance of the BPD definition for pre-specified (long-term) outcomes, or the feasibility of collecting the parameters assessing the BPD status.

To collect this information, we have initiated a world-wide Delphi procedure. For a brief explanation of our Delphi procedure: BPD Delphi procedure explanation

To take the survey, please click here. Estimated time for completion: 10-15 minutes.

After completion of the Delphi procedure, we would like to invite you to an (online) meeting to discuss the results of the procedure. We intend to publish our results in a peer-reviewed journal, adding all participants to the (online) acknowledgements section.

Kind regards,

Eduardo Bancalari (Miami, USA)
Rosemary Higgins (Fort Myers, USA)
Tetsuya Isayama (Tokyo, JPN)
Erik Jensen (Philadelphia, USA)
Anton van Kaam (Amsterdam, NL)
Trix Katz (Amsterdam, NL)
Suzanne Mugie (Amsterdam, NL)
Martin Offringa (Toronto, CAN)
Wes Onland (Amsterdam, NL)
Jane Pillow (Perth, AUS)
Prakesh Shah (Toronto, CAN)
Rodger Soll (Burlington, USA)
Benjamin Stoecklin (Basel, CHE)