Education | October 12th, 2023

ESN Course: Breastfeeding & Human Milk for Neonatologists

Do you want to learn more about the nutritional aspects of human milk, the benefits of feeding on the mother's breast, the health of the child, as well as the deep connection between infant feeding and a parent's psychological health? Then you are warmly invited to participate in the online ESN course "Breastfeeding & Human Milk for Neonatologists", developed by Janet Prince RM, IBCLC and Johanna Sargeant BA, BEd, IBCLC.

As neonatologists, you are highly skilled professionals with the lives of the tiniest humans in your hands. While infants are naturally the focus of your work, there is no doubt that the impact you also have on the lives of the parents of those in your care is immeasurable.

Human milk is a powerful and ever changing medicine, tailor-made for tiny humans. Ensuring the use of human milk impacts deeply on an infant's earliest days, their recovery, their short and long term health and their overall development. Alongside the nutritional aspects, there are clear immediate and longer term benefits to helping to support the baby's ability to feed directly from the mother's breast, rather than with expressed milk alone. Additionally, as our focus in this module is on the overall health of the child, we also want to acknowledge the deep connection between infant feeding and a parent's psychological health.

We hope that this unit will allow you to see that even small changes within a neonatology department can help support a greater volume of life-saving milk being available to vulnerable infants, as well as fostering long-term health and happiness for the families who trust you so deeply.

Fees to attend the course: 150.00 EUR (for ESPR members the fee is reduced to 130.00 EUR)

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