Education | October 16th, 2023

ESN Course: Neonatal Resuscitation in Resource-Limited Settings

The online ESN course "Neonatal Resuscitation in Resource-Limited Settings", developed by Dr Kunda Mutesu-Kapembwa and Dr Vicent Gaertner, provides information on how to approach neonatal resuscitation in low-income countries and background knowledge on how to proceed in different situations.

Goals of the course:

- Learn the differences in the approach to neonatal resuscitation between resource-rich and   resource-limited situations
- Know how to cater to different needs in different situations in resource-limited countries.
- Know which problems may arise specifically in resource-limited countries and how to address these problems.
- Identify which newborns need pre- or postnatal transfer to a larger hospital and know about challenges in neonatal transport.
- Know which approach to neonatal resuscitation is sensible in which setting.

Please note that this course is free!

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