NOTE | March 19th, 2021

NOTE – Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

The MSc Neonatology of the ESPR's Neonatal Training and Education Programme (NOTE) - in cooperation with the University of Southampton - has been awarded five Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships. The aim of these scholarships is to contribute to the development needs of Commonwealth countries by providing training for skilled and qualified professionals in key development areas.

The scholarships covers all the programme fees and the expectation is that the programme will be completed within 3 years. More information on the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships can be found here.

Application Criteria:

The target population for the Scholarships are high-quality postgraduate students who wish to access neonatal education not available in their home countries and who have the potential to enhance the development of their home countries with the neonatal knowledge and leadership skills they acquire.

In order to apply for the scholarship it is necessary to apply for the MSc Neonatology at the University in Southampton in addition to applying for the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships.

All applications must be submitted by 17:00 (BST) on 26 April 2021 at the latest.

To submit your application for the Scholarship, please click here.

For any further information please contact the MSc Neonatology Programme Lead at