Events & Meetings | March 29th, 2023

Hybrid meeting on improving treatment for neonatal hemodynamic failure on 23 June 2023 by the ESPR Circulation Section

We are pleased to invite you to the ESPR Circulation, Haematology and Oxygen Transport Section meeting 'Improving treatment for neonatal hemodynamic failure' in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland Frederick House (19 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2, D02X266. Ireland), on 23rd June 2023.
This meeting is free of charge and organised by Maria Carmen Bravo and Elisabeth Kooi, on behalf of the ESPR Circulation, Haematology and Oxygen Transport Section, to discuss relevance, conduct, definitions and hurdles for a planned large European trial to detect predictive biomarkers for the optimal treatment of neonatal shock, using artificial intelligence. For the morning session, active participation and research experience is requested.
1. In-person morning session (9h00-12h00 GMT)
2. Afternoon session (13h00-16h25 GMT, 20min talks + 5min for questions) - In-person or online
For more information on the meeting programme and to register, please click here. Please note that you have to register seperately for each session (morning & afternoon).
Registration & Fees:
This meeting is free of charge. The morning session is followed by an afternoon session, which can be attended either in person or online.